To get more disclosures from your engineers, ask them two questions: “Are you doing anything you haven’t seen anyone do before?” and “Is there a benefit in doing it that way?” Full stop.

To be happy at work, humans need only a few things: to feel valued, secure, and have their basic needs met.

Believe it or not, engineers are humans too.

Organizations move best when each part pulls in synch, with clear expectations towards a common goal. Absent clear communication, people are left to create their own expectations given their understanding of the organization. …

We’ve become, to our detriment, a society that purposefully closes its eyes to patents, and by doing so, are unjustly building their value.

In theory, patents are good for the world and their value should be commensurate with their usefulness, but that’s not our reality.

Sometimes they’re worth so much more.

There are a number of ways to establish the value of a patent. The most objective is usefulness: Has the market adopted the invention? What profit margin does it protect? What feature, improvement, or efficiency does it insure? What is the cost designing around it? …

There has never been a better point than now to stop and reevaluate what we’re doing and why and how we’re doing it, to take everything apart and challenge whether that equilibrium we had arrived at is really what is best.

“Teacher, which way should I go?”
“Where do you want to be?”
“Then you should go forward.”
“Which way is forward?”
“The way that you go.”

I’m a patent attorney.

Recently, I found myself wondering if what I do for a living is good for the world. …

Edward Sandor

earthling. has beard. eats plants. runs. patents all the things.

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